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Resident Spotlight: Dr. Rafael Tua Caraccia

On why Dr. Caraccia chose Duke for Urology residency, "Duke felt like the right place for me. Last year, when I was here as a medical student I was lucky enough to rotate for a month with the Duke Urology program and I found myself as a valued member of the team. And that went a really long way with me, especially from the perspective of a med student."

Resident Spotlight: Dr. Bradley Potts

On what Dr. Potts likes best about the typical workweek, "My favorite part of the workweek is something we call 'Bladder Rounds' and usually once a week we all try to get together as a residency and just hang out. It's a really great way to close out the workweek."

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Andrew Peterson

Dr. Peterson is a Professor of Surgery and Director of the Reconstructive Urology and Genitourinary Cancer Survivorship Fellowship Program in the Department of Urology. On Dr. Peterson's favorite project at Duke, "Some of the most rewarding care that I've been involved with at Duke is all of the multidisciplinary, interprofessional team-based care for cancer survivors."

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Michael Lipkin

Dr. Lipkin is Chief of the Clinic in the Department of Urology and an Associate Professor of Surgery in the Department of Urology. On Dr. Lipkin's favorite activities outside the hospital, "My favorite thing outside the hospital is definitely going to spend time in the North Carolina mountains. I think one of the great things about this state is that on one side you have the coast and on the other side you have the mountains, and where we're located allows easy access to both."

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