Duke Urology Residency Benefits

Housestaff Stipend Rates for FY2025

Level  Annual  Monthly
1 $67,284 $5,607
2 $69,996 $5,833
3 $72,720 $6,060
4 $75,684 $6,307
5 $78,600 $6,550
6 $81,720 $6,810


See Duke benefits: GME Benefits, Recruitment, Vacation & LOA


Urology Intern Year


  • 2 weeks per year (Dates are set by General Surgery and Urology with regard to the rotation at the time of request). Includes 6 days at Christmas or New Year's if on surgery rotation. See vacation guidelines for Urology if on urology during the holidays.



  • 4 weeks per academic year (20 weekdays) (Must be used in an academic year, unused vacation time does not rollover)
  • Each trainee will also be able to access an additional (5) days of personal time each academic year during the PGY2 – PGY6 years for unexpected absences such as bereavements, brief acute illness and/or personal or childcare emergencies.
  • Additionally, two (2) personal days of paid time off (PTO) will be provided for trainees to use for elective appointments with health care providers, and should be scheduled by the program. None of these seven personal paid time off days can be forwarded into subsequent training years or used as part of a leave of absence (See Section 2 of Duke GME Vacation Policy). These personal time off days are provided for unexpected/emergency needs and are not to be used for additional scheduled vacation time.   
  • See Urology Department specific guidelines for holiday vacation.

For more information on Duke Hospital Trainee benefits and requirements and standards, visit the Duke GME website.