Thomas Polascik Named Lawrence C. Katz Distinguished Professor

We’re excited to announce that Thomas Polascik, MD, FACS, has been named the Lawrence C. Katz Distinguished Professor by Duke University president Vincent Price. 

Distinguished professorships honor faculty who are well-established members of the Duke academic community and have also achieved distinction as creative scholars in their field or in their ability to transcend disciplines.

“Dr Polascik is well-recognized as a leader in the field of focal therapy for the treatment of early-stage prostate cancer," said Gary J. Faerber, MD, Interim Chair of the Department of Urology. "Focal therapy involves in-situ ablation of known areas of prostate cancer within the prostate. His dedication to developing focal therapy has refocused prostate cancer treatment and research, which may fundamentally transform how treatment of clinically significant localized prostate cancer may be treated in the future. He is very well deserving of this wonderful recognition.”

Dr. Polascik’s distinguished professorship will become official on July 1, 2024. He will be recognized in a ceremony at the Washington Duke Inn on May 23.