Bladder Cancer Clinical Research

Research Overview

Research in the laboratory is focused on developing novel therapies and diagnostic tests for urologic tumors. In particular, research is centered on urothelial carcinomas of the bladder, ureter, and renal pelvis.

Our overriding goal is to contribute to a better understanding of why urothelial carcinomas develop and how to better treat them.

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Clinical Research Initiatives

Several database and outcomes projects related to urothelial tumors are underway.

A biorespository for urothelial tumors is currently being established.

Clinical Trials

A number of clinical trials are currently in progress for bladder cancer patients and range from studies of new diagnostic tests to novel treatment regimens for cancer.

The treatment trials include hyperthermia-based therapies, bladder-sparing chemoradiation therapies, and novel agents for advanced bladder cancer.

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Contact Information

Brant Inman, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
3007 Snyderman Bldg
905 La Salle Street
DUMC Box 103868
Durham, NC 27710
Phone: 919-681-1322

Research Assistant

  • Wiguins Etienne

Representative Publications

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