Edge Scholarship for URiM Students

About the Scholarship

The Duke Urology Edge Scholarship is intended to offset the cost of completing a 4th year rotation with Duke Urology for visiting students who identify as Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM) to include first generation college graduates and students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The scholarship is awarded to one 4th year student per year and provides $2,000 to offset the cost of travel, lodging, and other living expenses incurred while successfully completing a 4-week Urology Sub-internship at Duke.


Eligible participants are:

  • Full-time 4th year U.S. medical students who meet the AAMC’s definition of Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM), definition of First-Generation, and/or are eligible for AAMC's Fee Assistance Program,
  • In good standing at a U.S. or Puerto Rico LCME accredited medical school or COCA osteopathic institution, and
  • Approved for a Clinical Elective by the Duke School of Medicine.


Application Process:

  1. Complete VLSO application for Duke University UROLOGY 401C Sub-Internship in Urologic Surgery rotation thru the AAMC website. You may apply for more than one rotation date. 
  2. Email completed Duke Urology Edge Scholarship Application to karen.baker@duke.edu before scholarship application period closes.

The Duke Urology Edge Scholarship application period opens the same day as the Duke School of Medicine visiting student applications. The scholarship application for Summer Urology rotations are accepted until midnight on Monday, March 27, 2023. Applications for fall rotations are accepted until midnight on Monday, April 17, 2023. Priority will be given to applicants for Summer rotations.

Detailed information about rotating at Duke can be found on the Duke School of Medicine Visiting Students Website and on the VLSO website. The Duke rotation schedule and visiting student application deadlines are updated each year in February.


The Edge Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of a holistic review of the education, accomplishments, life experiences, and career goals that candidates include in their VLSO and scholarship applications.

Receiving the scholarship is contingent upon being approved for a clinical elective by the Duke School of Medicine.

Scott Campbell, Visiting Student Coordinator, will notify visiting students when their rotations has been approved.  Students are notified through the VLSO website.

The Duke Department of Urology will notify the Edge Scholarship winner and only after the visiting student’s clerkship application has been approved by the School of Medicine.


Questions about the Duke Urology Edge Scholarship should be emailed to Dr. Karen Baker at karen.baker@duke.edu. Please put “Edge Scholarship” in the subject line.

Questions about Visiting Student Rotations should be directed to:

Scott Campbell, Office of the Registrar
Room 0386, 3rd Floor Seeley G Mudd Building
8 Searle Center Drive
Box 3878 DUMC
Durham NC 27710
Tel (919) 684-8042
Main Office (919) 684-2304
Fax (919) 684-4322